Free webinar: "Successful in the cloud".

Learn from the example of the Swiss Automotive Group (SAG) AG, one of the largest suppliers of automotive spare parts in Europe, and with exciting insights from Google, how the cloud transformation in companies can be successfully implemented with the help of chromeOS!

June 21, 2023, 2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.


1. welcome

Introduction of the webinar participants and the topic

Ishan Don
Managing Director StackWorks

2 The Success Study of SAG AG

Marc Fischer and Ishan Don explain how SAG has modernized the way it works in its 45 contact centers in Switzerland, saving 70% in operating costs with browser-based working. In addition, Marc Fischer reveals tips for other companies.

Ishan Don
Managing Director StackWorks
Marc Fischer
Head of IT Services, SAG

3. presentation of use cases and benefits of chromeOS

Steffen Schlüter shows what distinguishes the chromeOS operating system, why and how it can accelerate and support a transformation. In doing so, he goes into practical examples. Those who want to discover working in the browser bit by bit will learn how chromeOS Flex supports this.

Steffen Schlüter
Partner Sales Engineer, Google

4. presentation of a benefit offer and the benefit.

In order to provide you with tangible information in addition to the information, we have put together a benefits package together with Google. This supports you in your steps into the cloud.

Ishan Don
Managing Director, StackWorks

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