Fit for the digital transformation with Google Cloud

More and more companies worldwide are relying on the Google Cloud (formerly Google Platform or GCP for short). It is considered a pioneer of the dawning cloud transformation era: with more than 150 service solutions, Google Cloud creates a secure and sustainable basis for economic success and an open culture of collaboration.

Our Google Cloud Portfolio

App Engine

Serverless application platform for applications and back-ends

Symbol for Compute Engine

Compute Engine

Virtual machines running in Google's data centre

Google Kubernetes Engine

Managed environment for running container applications

Symbol Cloud Storage

Cloud storage

Secure, durable, scalable object storage

Cloud SQL

Relational database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server

Symbol for Cloud Monitoring

Operations Suite

Suite for monitoring, logging and application performance

Cloud Run

Fully managed environment for running container applications


Why Google Cloud?

The smart cloud for smart solutions

A total of over 150 Google Cloud services help you to optimise your processes. To help you achieve optimised solutions in your company more quickly, it pays to rely on Google's artificial intelligence and Big Data solutions. 

The sustainable cloud - powered by 100% renewable energies

Google Cloud is the only major cloud provider that runs its operations entirely on renewable energy. As a Google Cloud user, you too become a sustainable player in the digitally driven market. The net operational emissions of your cloud usage are zero, and 100% of the power consumption of your networks is covered by renewable energy.

The secure cloud offers optimal protection for your data and processes

Google Cloud offers state-of-the-art security. Your data and processes benefit from the same level of security that Google uses. Google Cloud is the only cloud that encrypts data at rest and in transit by default. Because Google's global network does not transmit your data over public networks, performance and security are further enhanced.

Your benefit: Higher efficiency and better profitability

Google Cloud helps you increase your business efficiency and reduce IT spend. Using it is intuitive and child's play. The interface can be customised and works self-optimising based on AI. By migrating your applications to Google Cloud, you can save up to 32% on operating costs compared to on-premise solutions.


Services that help your business succeed

GCP VM migration

Any application can be moved to the Google Cloud - but some are better suited to it than others. Resource-intensive systems, such as big data processing, may need to be restructured to achieve full efficiency. Workloads with multiple dependencies may also need to be redesigned to be more cloud-friendly.

Most importantly, no lift-and-shift migration should be undertaken without a thorough understanding of the security and compliance implications. We work with you to develop the landing zone so that all platform resources needed to support the application portfolio are accounted for. For this reason, many companies choose to work with an experienced IT partner who can ensure that the applications are cloud-ready and that a solid foundation based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) is guaranteed during the transition.

Learn more
  • Setting up the migration strategy
  • Migration from the server landscape in your own data centre to the Google Cloud
  • Calculation of costs (OpEx), we calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Minimal redesign of the architecture and refactoring
  • Quick and easy migration
  • No data loss
  • Minimal or no downtime
  • Plannable costs

Cloud Assessment

A migration can be compared to a journey. You are at a certain point with your existing infrastructure and environment and want to take a new direction.

In our Cloud Assessment, we ask you a series of specific questions during the evaluation phase to help you assess your readiness to migrate to the cloud. We look at a number of areas - such as your current business strategy, inventory and business objectives - and work with you to determine what you want your future landing zone environment to look like.

We support you with the right planning, the subsequent provision of the technologies and the ongoing optimisation of the entire process.

Learn more
  • Create a comprehensive inventory of the applications
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the cloud
  • Prioritise the workloads for the migration
  • Train and prepare the team
  • Clean up and optimise legacy IT systems
  • Overview of use and consumption
  • Lower and plannable costs
  • Higher security
  • No data loss, no downtime
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