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Hybrid Work is the new standard. Partners and employees want to work flexibly from different environments - from the office, from home and on the road. Innovative, cloud-based Workplace solutions enable the asynchronous communication and productive, secure teamwork required for hybrid work.

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Leading Swiss companies rely on hybrid work solutions from StackWorks
Hybrid Work is more than just your work location:

Hand on heart: why is a good hybrid work model so important in the first place?

Changed requirements

People often use the latest technologies in their private lives and in educational institutions. They also expect these at work and in contact with you.

Flexibility is a new norm

Health at work takes a very high priority, especially for younger generations. Therefore, useful tools as well as working time and place of work want to determine flexibly.

Global labor market

People all over the world can work together easily. Companies that succeed in doing this have a clear advantage in the competition for the best talent.

What specific challenges do companies face with hybrid work?

Selection of suitable technology

For optimally equipped hybrid workstations, you need both the right software and the right hardware - not too much, but not too little.


The tools used must be correctly interconnected. This is the only way to support business processes and make data silos a thing of the past.

IT Security

Many solutions and user freedom often lead to risks. To ensure that shadow IT does not stand a chance, the IT department should have an overview and be able to control important things easily.

How can conference room participants be better represented in a hybrid meeting?

Tuned remote hardware

Team members participating via Google Meet hardware from a meeting room can frame people with just the touch of a button.

Seamless joining from anywhere

Regardless of the device, operating system or location, team members can easily dial into a meeting within seconds.

Rooms for group work

Rooms are ideal for dividing up larger groups to encourage discussion. This is how real collaboration happens.

How do employees who work elsewhere stay connected with colleagues in the office?

Powerful technology

Modern end devices and tools that are intuitive to use and work reliably are one of the basic requirements for hybrid working.

Matching processes

Digital work functions differently than employees are used to. That's why it's important to adapt workflows and working methods to the new conditions.

Hybrid work culture in action

Employees need the right mindset. They should share knowledge willingly and enjoy communicating with their colleagues, even if they are not physically present.

Try Google Workspace for free

If you register for Workspace (formerly G Suite), you can test the service free of charge for 30 days. Up to ten users can test all functions of Workspace (formerly G Suite), including business emails and online storage space.

Test free of charge

Asynchronous, contextual collaboration

Often, the best solution for hybrid collaboration is not another meeting. To get the to-dos done and improve individual and team well-being, employees need to be able to connect in real time and work independently on tasks that require a high level of focus.

Five keys to successful hybrid collaboration regardless of time and place

Collaborative corporate culture

The employees enjoy working together and are happy to share their knowledge.

Suitable software and hardware

Hybrid workplaces need the right software and the right hardware.

Interoperability of the different applications

All tools should be seamlessly connected and support business processes.

IT Security

Risks, for example from shadow IT and ransomware, should be prevented from the outset.

Collaborative simple administration

IT must be easy to manage and control - at predictable and fair costs.

We support you in the implementation.

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Hybrid work like
at Google

Whether Google Workspace, chromeOS or the Google Cloud with its numerous possibilities - Google has developed innovative solutions for the transformation of the working world. They are characterized by advantages that go far beyond cost savings.

  • Flexible, intuitive hybrid collaboration
  • Seamless integrations
  • Built-in IT security
  • Simple administration
  • Scalability
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3 billion

Users in more than 8 million companies worldwide have Google Workspace in use.

96 %

of Forbes' next billion-dollar companies use Google Workspace.

170 million

Students and teachers use Google Workspace. 76% of your new employees grew up using it.


Hybrid workplaces for all industries

In all industries and across all types of businesses, there are innovative use cases of how companies have gained a competitive edge.

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"StackWorks understood our requirements. The employees are competent. In addition, the collaboration has proven to be very pragmatic and transparent. We appreciate that very much."

Moritz Schneider
Moritz Schneider
CEO Mediaschneider AG & Hoy AG
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Digital natives

  • Use of innovative tools with intuitive user experience
  • Better opportunities in recruiting talent from younger generations
  • More agility in everyday life
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  • Innovative processes to develop new products and services
  • Positive Customer Experience
  • Gaining customer data for fact-based decisions
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Business and Professional Services

  • Ways to collaborate from anywhere, at any time
  • Higher efficiency and more agility
  • Possibility of stronger customer orientation
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  • Structured and legally compliant implementation of hybrid learning
  • State-of-the-art conditions for joy in learning and teaching
  • Permanently low maintenance and low costs

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