Collaborate easily and securely with Google Workspace

When it comes to your team, we know that security is your top priority. Have you noticed that many important security settings in Google Workspace are not enabled by default? With our Security Audit, we'll uncover gaps together and create the basis for secure collaboration in your team.

Leading Swiss companies rely on audits from StackWorks
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Why is an external security audit so important?

Managing risks in a targeted manner

To effectively protect both your own data and customer data, you need to identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities.

Work in compliance

Regulatory requirements must be met in every industry. With our audit, you create the basis for meeting even complex requirements.

Create trust

With regular external audits, you show your customers that you care about the security of their sensitive data.

Google Workspace: check the most important security settings
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Our focus on YOUR safety

We scan your Google Workspace instance

Authentication and User Management

We check that you have made all the configurations that provide security.

Google Workspace Administration

Are all roles and rights defined in such a way that you can work as securely as possible?

Application Integration

Are the most important apps integrated and correctly so?

Google Workspace Services

We check that all the settings for your Google Workspace services fit.

Device Management

Have you thought about providing security across all the endpoints you use?

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Our AUDIT process

With our established system in 3 steps to higher security

1. kick-off

In a meeting we explain our procedure and ask for the required information.

2. audit

We perform the audit and document the results in a clear PDF report.

3. presentation

We will explain the results and possible further steps that you can implement on your own or with us.


We deliver qualified results

A traffic light system of the examined points gives you a clear picture of your personal Google Workspace instance. You will find out at a glance where your strengths and weaknesses lie and in which areas you can still tap into unused shear potential. Let's work together to make your workspace more secure!

"StackWorks understood our requirements. The employees are competent. In addition, the collaboration has proven to be very pragmatic and transparent. We appreciate that very much."

Moritz Schneider
CEO Mediaschneider AG & Hoy AG
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The result of the Google Workspace Security Audit

How exactly does StackWorks support you as an IT service provider?

Increased security of the workspace instance

By uncovering security vulnerabilities, you gain an important basis for increasing the security of your Google Workspace instance and protecting data even better than before.

Prioritized recommendations for action

Our cloud consultants provide you with clear recommendations. A prioritized implementation plan helps you to start directly with necessary steps.

Support during implementation

If you wish, we can implement the necessary security measures together with you as part of a subsequent service. This gives you more freedom.

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32 %

of companies with fewer than 500 employees suffered economic damage from attacks on cloud services in the last 12 months.

43 %

of the companies damaged by a cloud attack complain of an interruption in work/production processes, 34% of a complete standstill in the company and 31% of data loss.

49 %

percent of companies want to use cloud services for themselves while controlling every single access to data themselves.

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