Working securely with Kubernetes - our audit solution

Kubernetes is booming and becoming a central component of the IT infrastructure. Accordingly, high availability and hardening of workloads are gaining in importance. With our audit, we support all levels from DevOps engineer to CTO, help identify blind spots and validate best practices.

Leading Swiss companies rely on audits from StackWorks

Why is an external Kubernetes security audit so important?

Adapt safety to requirements

With our audit service, you can ensure that your security measures keep pace with growing security requirements.

Comprehensive and proven checks

We check your Google Kubernetes Engine instance comprehensively and in depth. In the process, we also align it with the respective current best practices.

Neutral support

No chance of operational blindness! Uncover high-risk weak points and concentrate on the really important tasks with our help!

Our k8s Security Focus

We scan your
Kubernetes processes

Verify the Google Cloud instance

We take a close look at your configurations, including the Google Cloud infrastructure.

Kubernetes-specific checks

We inspect the configuration of the cluster and align it with current best practices.

Reliability control

We examine the extent to which their workloads are resilient and highly available.


We do not need access to sensitive data. Thus, we work in compliance in every case.

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Our process for your Kubernetes audit

With our established system in 3 steps to higher k8s Security

1. onboarding

In a meeting we explain our procedure and ask for the required information.

Duration: about 30 minutes

2. audit

We generate a report, evaluate it according to the dual control principle and create a PDF for you.

You are welcome to join us.

3. presentation

Together with you, we look at the results and explain possible improvement measures.

Duration: about 30 minutes


We deliver qualified results

A traffic light system of the examined points gives you a clear picture of your Kubernetes instance. You learn in which areas your strengths and weaknesses lie and where you can tap potential. A template shows recommendations for action and helps you decide where to spend your resources.

"It is and was important to us to have a partner who acts with us in a flexible, competent and solution-oriented way. StackWorks offers this and more."

Michel Lips
Michel Lips
Operations, YAPEAL AG
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The RESULT of the k82 Security Audit

How exactly does StackWorks support you as an IT service provider?

Neutral sounding out of potential for improvement

From a neutral point of view, you will learn what options you can use in your Google Kubernetes management to increase your k8s security.

Pointing out concrete recommendations for action

You will receive an overview with recommendations on which measures you should implement so that you can start work immediately.

Review of implemented safety measures

Upon request, we will take a look at your implemented security measures and, if necessary, provide assistance again.

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50 %

of enterprises have already experienced a ransomware attack on their container-based environment.

87 %

of the examined container images have vulnerabilities.

69 %

of the requested CPU resources are unused...

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