Ishan Don

As founder and managing director of StackWorks, I have a wide range of responsibilities. They range from sales to business development. I am dedicated to building services that the market needs. This is how advanced technology is put into a meaningful context.

Ishan Don

About me

As a computer scientist and business studies graduate, I was captivated by the burgeoning cloud boom. I realised that the cloud had huge potential for the future. I founded StackWorks in 2013 to harness this potential for companies and institutions. My mission is to help our customers implement good solutions to successfully manage the digital transformation - even in times of increasingly severe skills shortages.

My passion is to accompany and advise on requirements analysis, project management and all questions of IT strategy. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience. It motivates me as a lecturer to provide the students of the Dipl.-Techniker HF Informatik course at the ZbW - Zentrum für berufliche Weiterbildung St. Gallen with know-how from theory and practice about cloud computing and as a course instructor at the Klubschule Migros St. Gallen to support users in using technology more comprehensively.

My enthusiasm for "the clouds" and staying grounded go hand in hand for me as a family man. So I also cherish earthly hobbies like running, playing tennis and riding.

  • Lecturer, ZbW - Zentrum für berufliche Weiterbildung St. Gallen, Klubschule Migros St. Gallen
  • Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader
  • Google Associate Cloud Engineer
  • CEO, Sayblake
  • Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSc)
  • Project Manager, Namics
  • Head of IT, Swiss Armed Forces
  • Founder, StackWorks
  • IT Service & Support, later IT Server Administrator, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology (BSc)
  • Dipl.-Wirtschaftsinformatiker HF
  • Course Instructor, Swiss Federation for Adult Education - SVEB1
  • Computer scientist with federal certificate of proficiency, TBZ

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