Mediaschneider and Hoy focus on pragmatic IT partnership

Mediaschneider AG and Hoy AG are heading into the future with an IT environment that optimally fits their requirements. For this, the media agency switched to Google Workspace in three months with the help of StackWorks. All required data was successfully migrated from Microsoft 365 and telephony was switched to Google Voice. A service contract ensures that additional solutions are implemented to help Mediaschneider and Hoy move forward.

Initial situation

"Our previous IT partner was not the best fit for us," says Moritz Schneider, CEO of Mediaschneider AG & Hoy AG. Among other things, there was no support for users of Macs, which are popular in media agencies. In addition, solutions were cost-intensive. That's why Mediaschneider used the expiration of the contract to switch to IT that was simpler for the company. "Google as a provider was an obvious choice, since many of our employees already worked with Google solutions," explains Moritz Schneider.

After research among Google Workspace users yielded a positive conclusion, the media agency decided to work with an IT partner that matched its size.

"StackWorks understood our requirements. The employees are competent. In addition, the collaboration has proven to be very pragmatic and transparent. We appreciate that very much."

Moritz Schneider, CEO Mediaschneider AG & Hoy AG

Systematic solution

In a face-to-face meeting, Mediaschneider outlined its requirements to StackWorks' cloud consultants. Professional, scalable support for both Windows and Mac users was important to the company. Other criteria: a positive user experience, the possibility of easy management and security.

"Based on this, we first developed a migration concept including a group, storage and release concept," reveals Liam Ormond, Cloud Consultant at StackWorks. Once this was available, it was implemented step by step. The first step was to switch from Exchange to Gmail over a weekend. In a training session, Lutz Education explained to users what would change in their work in the future. This was followed by the migration of data to Google Drive. In addition, the telephone numbers used for Skype for Business were ported and assigned to the users in Google Voice. Thus, at the end of September, the complete migration to Google Workspace could take place according to plan. Further optimizations will be carried out as part of a service contract.

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Positive result

"The migration has gone surprisingly smoothly. Our younger employees in particular did not perceive the changeover as a big change. They were able to find their way around Google Workspace intuitively," reports Moritz Schneider. The other employees were already helped by initial training, so that working in the browser did not cause any problems. "Above all, however, file management has been simplified. All the data we need is readily available in Google Drive," says Moritz Schneider. In addition, many users appreciate Google Calendar and find working with the tool easier than with its counterpart from Microsoft. Last but not least, Google Workspace offers Mediaschneider and Hoy a lot of potential to implement further useful functions.

One planned step, for example, is to set up single sign-on, so that users can access all authorized services from one workstation after a single authentication, without having to log in each time. Mediaschneider and Hoy also want to equip meeting rooms with Google Meet hardware and integrate them into Google Workspace to further improve the conditions for hybrid meetings.

About Mediaschneider and Hoy:

Mediaschneider AG is the largest independent Swiss media agency and offers integral media management. In terms of awareness and recommendations, it is currently the leading Swiss media agency based in Zurich. In 2016, it founded the technology agency Hoy AG, the experts in advertising and data technology. Hoy offers services in the areas of SEA, SEO, Programmatic Advertising, Brand Safety, AdOperations and Tracking & Analytics, among others. https://www.

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