Sparrow Ventures gets the most out of Google Workspace

Sparrow Ventures is a Zurich-based venture builder and growth capitalist. Since its inception, the company has focused on Google Google Workspace. This includes making the best use of cloud-based applications. A workspace audit and an IT operations package from StackWorks' certified Google Cloud Engineers have laid a solid foundation for this.

Discovery Workshop for the launch

After the decision was made in favor of StackWorks, the first step was a joint discovery workshop. "In it, we systematically identified ways in which we could support Sparrow Ventures," explains Ishan Don, founder and CEO of StackWorks. Specific tasks then emerged from this. These included implementing data loss prevention - regulation within the Google Admin Console that ensures data cannot be leaked to unauthorized parties. Additionally, IT asset management was introduced and the onboarding and offboarding process was optimized. The revamp of the shared repository was also recommended by StackWorks.

As of spring 2022, StackWorks has taken over the ongoing support of Sparrow Venture and is in the process of implementing the IT operations contract. As part of this service package, StackWorks provides reactive support as well as IT consulting. It includes reporting in the ticket system, end-user support as well as helpdesk via email, chat and phone.

Clarity through Workspace Audit

A workspace audit took place in June 2022. As part of the audit, StackWorks looked through the extent to which Sparrow Ventures was using the features of the Google Workspace account and whether the security settings were correct in order to eliminate vulnerabilities as well as risks. "After a comprehensive checklist, we reviewed the configurations, processes, as well as other aspects to see how they could be implemented in the Admin Console and derive opportunities for improvement," said Kevin Heeb, Cloud Consultant at StackWorks. Follow-up tasks were then defined from this, which are now being processed.

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An IT partner who understands the market

The audit provided valuable insights for making even better use of Google Workspace - both in the further development of the IT landscape and in Sparrow Ventures' ongoing operations. This eases the burden on Sparrow Ventures' IT team when calculating costs, as all activities are transparent.

About Sparrow Ventures:

Sparrow Ventures is a Zurich-based venture builder and growth capitalist. With a unique organizational structure and a team of experienced experts from different disciplines, Sparrow Ventures focuses on building and financing young companies in various fields, in particular Food & Beverage, Last-Mile, Fintech, Digital Health, Sustainability & Circular Economy, Commerce & Shopping and Travel. The company is an independent subsidiary of the Migros Group.

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