Fashion house Goldener switches from Microsoft to Google Workspace

Fashion house Goldener made an impressive digital transformation by switching from the Microsoft environment to Google Workspace. Find out how this move not only transformed the company's technological landscape, but also initiated a cultural change.

Textile retail
Number of employees
180 employees

Initial situation

As a die-hard Microsoft user, Urs Goldener from Goldener Mode AG was initially skeptical and found everything to do with Google superfluous. The decisive turning point came with the presentation of Google Workspace by StackWorks with Kevin and Ishan. "That was a real aha moment," explains Urs Goldener, emphasizing that the presentation was so convincing that he thought: If they deliver even a fraction of what they promise, that would be fantastic. 

When asked what was the deciding factor in the switch to Google Workspace, Urs Goldener explains that they practically pushed themselves to make the change. With his subsidiary Subsidia, Urs Goldener develops mobile checkout systems together with his son. These mobile checkouts were implemented in over 18 Goldener Mode stores. Although there are numerous online checkout systems with ordering functions for the catering industry, none of them take into account a merchandise management system that integrates products, sizes and colors, explains Urs Goldener.

"The use of our mobile cash registers requires Android devices, which inevitably led us away from Microsoft," describes Urs Goldener and emphasizes that a solid basis for the technical requirements is needed for the use of these systems.

Urs Goldener from Goldener Mode AG

The implementation

The introduction of Google Workspace was not only a technological but also a cultural change for Modehaus Goldener. The way Modehaus Goldener works has turned 180 degrees. Urs Goldener explains that the added value of the new solution must be recognizable from the Board of Directors to the management to the employees and apprentices.

The following tools proved to be particularly valuable for the Goldener fashion house: 

  • The Google Workspace admin interface, which enables centralized control of devices, making device management much easier. It has become indispensable for the back office team and administrators as it offers a wide range of customization options.
  • The fully indexed e-mail program from Google Workspace makes it much easier to find information, even in attachments, and thus represents a significant step forward. The desired information can be found quickly.
  • Google Drive, which simplifies document management and sharing and makes the exchange of documents more efficient. The exchange of documents is seamless and without redundancies.
  • Scheduling and task management in Google Workspace make it easier to coordinate and monitor tasks across different locations.
  • Google Sites serves as a central information platform that makes important documents, guidelines, relevant links or videos easily accessible to all employees.

Despite the comprehensive use of Google Workspace, add-ons allow customization to specific needs that can be seamlessly integrated into the Google Workspace work environment - as in the case of the fashion house Goldener with a solution for the signature of e-mails. 

"The introduction of Google Workspace was a 180-degree change in our digital way of working that required a mental shift for everyone. The transition has exceeded our expectations and made us more efficient. I am a fan of Google Workspace and Stackworks."

Urs Goldener

VRP, Goldener fashion house

Important learnings 

The switch from Microsoft to Google Workspace marked a significant change. Work shifted from PCs to cell phones for employees, which required an adjustment to the way they work. 

Step-by-step and well-considered planning
For Goldener Mode AG, one important realization is that the time required for implementation should not be underestimated. Even though Google Workspace offers superior functions, it is extremely important that employees are able to use the tools efficiently. Gradual and well-considered planning of this process was crucial for success. 

Divide into clearly defined phases
Precise planning began a year before the actual implementation, which was divided into clear phases: setting up a Google calendar, optimizing email management and much more. After each learning module, training was provided - whether internally, through videos or through competitions that served as motivational incentives. The aim was to make the learning process entertaining in order to make it easier to use. These approaches quickly led to the desired success.

It is important that all employees are familiar with the new tools. A purely hierarchical approach would not have led to success in this context, explains Urs Goldener.

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Choosing the right partner to implement the project was crucial to its success. Urs Goldener emphasizes how important it is to choose a partner who understands the business model and the specific challenges of the industry. "StackWorks understood our business model and was able to successfully map our business processes," emphasizes Urs Goldener.

Important to choose a partner who understands the business model
Urs Goldener adds that Stackworks has delivered far more than promised at the presentation. That's why he became a Stackworks fan, describes Urs Goldener. One of the main reasons for this was the highly competent team at Stackworks, who know exactly what they are doing, adds Urs Goldener and describes that there are no amateurs at work here, but experts who know their trade. This is why Goldener Mode AG highly recommends Stackworks, as they will find a solution if there is a problem. 

About Goldener Mode AG

Since its foundation in 1927, the Goldener fashion house has been synonymous with style and fashion. With over 90 years of experience, the fourth-generation family business offers its customers unparalleled service and high-quality products. The recipe for success lies in the individual and trustworthy advice with a personal touch.

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