Google Workspace - the future of work has begun

Whether in the office, in the home office or in direct customer contact on site - with Google Workspace, modern companies have all the common tools such as email, chat, calendar or document processing united on a single platform that makes the modern working day efficient, innovative and secure. This improves collaboration and communication within the team and, thanks to location-independent access, ensures that all documents and files are always up to date.

Where teams work better, together.

Data protection and data security - almost child's play

Google Workspace tools such as Admin, Cloud Search or Security Center ensure that you have comprehensive control and always keep an eye on the issue of security. Because all security tools are integrated into one central management console, managing users, controlling devices, complying with policies and protecting data becomes almost child's play for you. When you use Google Workspace's management tools - including compliance certifications, data regions and Vault - you have a huge advantage: because Google's algorithms are constantly optimised by three billion users, the innovative solution automatically protects your company against new threats.

Innovative, intuitive and user-friendly. This makes collaboration fun.

Creativity, innovative thinking and eye-to-eye collaboration shape the zeitgeist and inspire the spirit of every modern company. For this new, creative form of collaboration, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites, Jamboard and other innovative tools like Google Spaces are the perfect option. Meetings held directly in Google Docs improve collaboration because conversations can be easily integrated with existing content. Useful features such as live subtitles, translation during the meeting and noise cancellation also improve communication.

With Google Workspace, companies gain time

In our everyday working lives, time is particularly valuable. That's why it pays to plan all processes in your company as efficiently as possible. Thanks to practical cloud tools such as Google Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail as well as Chat and Voice, which are all integrated on the platform, people can network worldwide and teams of any size can work together quickly and regardless of location. Add to this the interactive Smart Canvas building blocks and AI-powered data tools. Because Workspace's productivity tools can be used from any device, field teams can collaborate with teams in the office or home office particularly easily and simply.

Your digital office for communicating and working

The innovative solution for this is called Google Workspace. The platform is the further development of G Suite and combines all useful business tools such as email, chat, calendar and document editing on one platform and thus brings all the requirements of our modern working culture under one roof. With Google Workspace, the future of work begins in your company. Benefit from a secure and innovative solution that is already trusted by more than three billion users worldwide! Look forward to your digital office, where communication and work is possible anytime and anywhere!


Cooperation and communication in the team


Amazingly simple: Migrate and get started.

Cloud Assessment

A migration can be compared to a journey. You are at a certain point with your existing infrastructure and environment and want to take a new direction.

In our Cloud Assessment, we ask you a series of specific questions during the evaluation phase to help you assess your readiness to migrate to the cloud. We look at a number of areas - such as your current business strategy, inventory and business objectives - and work with you to determine what you want your future landing zone environment to look like.

We support you with the right planning, the subsequent provision of the technologies and the ongoing optimisation of the entire process.

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  • Create a comprehensive inventory of the applications
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the cloud
  • Prioritise the workloads for the migration
  • Train and prepare the team
  • Clean up and optimise legacy IT systems
  • Overview of use and consumption
  • Lower and plannable costs
  • Higher security
  • No data loss, no downtime

Google Workspace Migration

With us, the complex becomes simple: We first examine your specific requirements and determine the optimal migration plan for you. We always take a variety of different factors into account before choosing the right migration method together with you.

An initial discussion serves to learn more about your current IT infrastructure and your expectations. We carefully examine which optimisation options are available. Our goal is to centralise and consolidate the various interfaces to other SaaS applications and tools.

In the next step, we develop a plan that always focuses on the optimal productivity of your users. In every migration, we pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. No matter what point you are at in the migration: Security is always a top priority for the cloud experts at StackWorks.

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  • Migration of mails and data from your own data centre to the Google Cloud
  • Harmonisation of the cloud IT infrastructure
  • Accompaniment into a hybrid work world
  • Facilitates cooperation in teams
  • Central data storage
  • Simple apps for better productivity
  • All applications are available everywhere

Cost Check

Preview and restore your site from ongoing, automatic backups - or create save points to mark progress and track changes.

DMARC Service

Preview and restore your site from ongoing, automatic backups - or create save points to mark progress and track changes.

Security Check

Preview and restore your site from ongoing, automatic backups - or create save points to mark progress and track changes.

Cloud Identity

Preview and restore your site from ongoing, automatic backups - or create save points to mark progress and track changes.

Google Workspace: check the most important security settings
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Gateway to the Cloud
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Google Meet Hardware Annual Licence

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