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chromeOS - simple, efficient and secure work in the cloud

More and more companies are opting for operating systems that can be implemented quickly and guarantee efficiency and security in everyday work. Google ChromeOS is cost-effective, offers easy handling, works securely and reliably and ensures a noticeable reduction in costs in the long term.

chromeOS - All-in-one solutionfor digital businesses

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chromeOS as a perfect team player

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chromeOS - fast, simple, cost-efficient 

Device management with more than 200 policies

In Google's intuitive management console, you can easily and conveniently define all settings and policies for chromeOS. Set up new devices centrally on the web and use over 200 policies to define, for example, Wi-Fi settings and which apps to pre-install.

  • User and equipment guidelines
  • Access management
  • User and equipment guidelines
  • Bulk printer configuration

Keeping pace with today's demands

Google chromeOS is a cloudnative system, perfect for the needs of the modern cloud worker. You have access to all the cloud-based tools and apps you need at work - and with Chromebook login, you can collaborate with the whole team anytime, anywhere. Because all updates happen automatically in the background, you save valuable time. The reduced total cost of ownership, optimised security and simplified administration are important arguments why IT managers also opt for chromeOS. In addition, there are lower hardware and software costs, lower IT support costs and optimised productivity.

  • Fast deployment

    The ease of deployment enables organisations to scale quickly and relieve the burden on the IT team.

  • Uncomplicated endpoint management

    Our well-researched default settings provide ideal starting conditions for hassle-free management by the IT team.

  • Always up to date

    Thanks to the reliable and user-friendly operating system, which is regularly updated in the background, the helpdesk team can be significantly relieved.

Multi-layered device security:
Secure by design

By integrating all protection mechanisms into both the Chrome OS operating system and the Chrome browser, all users benefit from multi-layered security that reliably protects against external attacks. An antivirus programme is no longer needed. The seamless update of all devices reduces the risk of data theft, reduces attacks to a limited area, increases the isolation of malware and is part of the clever security design of Chrome OS. At the same time, the operating system strictly observes privacy protection: data that you encrypt with your personal Google account or via Gmail or Google Play is isolated on the Chome Book device - and thus not accessible to the administrator.

  • Multiple layers

    Multi-layered device security thanks to Chrome OS and Chrome Browser. Isolated, managed apps minimise attacks on a limited area

  • Various security checks

    Verification process for all extensions and applications. Reduced risk of data theft and tampered devices thanks to "verified boot".

  • Safe Browsing

    Malicious websites are detected ahead of time by Google Safe Browsing


IT services that help your business succeed

Cloud Assessment

A migration can be compared to a journey. You are at a certain point with your existing infrastructure and environment and want to take a new direction.

In our Cloud Assessment, we ask you a series of specific questions during the evaluation phase to help you assess your readiness to migrate to the cloud. We look at a number of areas - such as your current business strategy, inventory and business objectives - and work with you to determine what you want your future landing zone environment to look like.

We support you with the right planning, the subsequent provision of the technologies and the ongoing optimisation of the entire process.

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  • Create a comprehensive inventory of the applications
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the cloud
  • Prioritise the workloads for the migration
  • Train and prepare the team
  • Clean up and optimise legacy IT systems
  • Overview of use and consumption
  • Lower and plannable costs
  • Higher security
  • No data loss, no downtime

Chrome Enterprise Proof of Concept

In a joint workshop with your IT management, we obtain the relevant overview of your current IT infrastructure, your wishes and requirements.

We investigate whether your existing devices are suitable for chromeOS, whether they can be replaced if necessary and whether additional support is needed in the form of a virtualisation measure. This can be Citrix, VMware or with Parallels for Chrome OS.

After this initial analysis phase and the "readiness check", we will install the instance and the clients. Now the Chromebooks or Chromeboxes are configured. Your key users now test, during the PoC, whether your company is ready for the use of chromeOS.

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  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Advice and, on request, loan equipment
  • Deploy Windows environment with Parallels
  • Workshops to simplify the decision
  • A low-maintenance IT infrastructure
  • Secure end devices for working in the cloud
  • Cost reduction of up to 50 % of the total costs
  • Promoting Hybrid Work

Chrome OS starts fast, stays fast

The innovative answer to this is called Google Workspace. The platform is the further development of G Suite and combines all useful business tools such as email, chat, calendar and document processing on one platform and thus brings all the requirements of modern work culture under one roof. With Google Workspace, the future of work also begins in your company.


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Gateway to the Cloud
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Google Meet Hardware Annual Licence

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Mastering the digital transformation with chromeOS

  • Explanations of tasks, hurdles and approaches to solutions
  • Success stories from the automotive, education, retail and hospitality industries, among others.
  • Notes on the holistic implementation in the company
  • Checklist for the selection of an IT partner
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